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Does Insuring an Older Home Increase my Insurance Premium?

One of the variables that can affect home insurance premium amounts is that of an older home. Homeowners who take advantage of the ability to compare rates online can get personalized quotes for their home. Those that have an older home are often wondering whether their house is more expensive than newer houses.

While there are some general points to be made about this question, homeowners are advised to speak to their insurance agent. Every situation is different, and the topic of the home’s age may or may not be relevant at all.

Are Older Homes Typically More Expensive to Insure?

As a general answer to the question, older homes are often more expensive to insure. Many companies find that the increased costs of insuring an older home justify higher premiums for consumers. As a result, typical home insurance premiums may increase due to an older home.

A number of reasons and situations can spell higher rates for homeowners:

  • Outdated items like electrical and plumbing systems are expensive and sometimes require a complete overhaul.
  • Special features, such as wooden floors and plaster walls, are often created with discontinued materials. This makes replacing them difficult and pricey.
  • Lead paint, asbestos, and mold damage may be present.
  • Some older homes can have shaky foundations, making them especially prone to damage from natural disasters.

As a result, older homes can be more difficult to insure in general. It can also make them ineligible for programs that command lower premiums.

Determining if You Will Have Higher Rates

While older homes generally have higher premiums, every home is different. Your home may be older and less expensive to insure than newer homes in your area.

In order for you to get more information about how your home’s age may or may not affect the price, use the comparative tool on this website. This will mostly answer your questions relating to premiums, coverage, and anything else that you have in mind.

You can even do this for a home that you are looking to purchase – just so you can anticipate any higher premiums that may be in line for such a home. Either way, you will be able to get some definitive answers on the whole situation, clearing things up so you know how to proceed

Older homes can be expensive to insure. However, you can talk to your agent and find out what to expect in terms of insurance rates. Perhaps your home’s age won’t be a determining factor for your policy costs. Take some time to look into the situation and get the answers you need.

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